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Parent Newsletter 03/11/2020

Hello Families! 

It’s March! It seems like we are “marching” way too quickly to the end of the year! It will be here before we know it!

Mark your calendars:

Spring Break: April 6 – 10
Testing window: April 20 – May 22 

Business and News:

Spring Break
The school will be closed from April 6 – 10 for spring break. I hope you wear sunscreen and make wonderful memories with your tigers!

Tiger Tickets and Parking Lot Safety
Take note of our new “no parking” signs in the drop off/pick up lanes. Thank you for following the safety procedures in our school parking lots.
    Green Tiger Tickets will be our way of thanking you for following the safety procedures and for keeping our students safe during drop off and pick up times. They will be distributed by school personnel personally or be placed under your windshield wiper.
    Example: If a driver pulls forward to drop off students and remains in/with the car and leaves promptly, the driver may receive a green Tiger Ticket for following the safety rules in the parking area.
    Red Tiger Tickets will be our way of reminding you to follow safety rules and procedures. Again, distribution will be handled by school personally or be placed under your windshield wiper.
    Example: If a driver parks in the drop off area and leaves the automobile, the driver may receive a red “Tiger Ticket,” reminding the driver to not park in the drop off lane.
    NOTE: If you receive 4 green Tiger Tickets, they can be redeemed in the main office for a Bella Vista bumper sticker that would look great on your car or hydro flask.

The following link contains information regarding why we complete the census and how to complete it:  2020 Census Information

Spring Testing
Spring academic testing will be starting soon! As you know, we want our students to perform well on their local and state tests as evidence of the growth and learning happening at Bella Vista. Your students’ teachers will let you know specifically when they are testing so you can ensure the following:
    • Your students receive a good night’s sleep
    • Your students eat a good breakfast
    • Your students have a happy start to a great day!

And the “march” continues at Bella Vista. Go Tigers!!!

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