2131 East 7000 South, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

US News Utah’s Top Ranked Elementary School Badge

Teacher of the Year 22-23

Tamara Coombs is a 1st grade teacher at Bella Vista Elementary.   Walking into her room you step into a safe culture that is warm with high standards of learning.   Each week she plans lessons that are uniquely tailored to individual student needs.   One area of strength has been her ability to foster a deep love of reading.   A  parent commented:  “Mrs. Coombs had such a positive influence on my daughter and helped her develop her love of reading.   Mrs. Coombs encouraged my daughter to read new and different genres.   She encouraged her to push herself and read books that might otherwise have seemed above her grade level.”

In addition to being an amazing classroom teacher she is a loyal friend and respected colleague within the building.   One co-worker wrote:  “She cares about each of the staff and cheers everyone on…When she is asked to take on additional tasks, she does it with a smile and determination to succeed.  If she ever has a bad day no one would ever know”.

In addition to everything that has been mentioned, she also shares a window with the principal.   Each day when the principal needs a pick-me-up or be reminded about the purpose of school, he looks up and watches the amazing things taking place.   It truly has been a window to watch an artist create a learning masterpiece.

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