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BTS Art Class – Featured Project

May 4th - 8th: Handprint Art

Trace your hand first and then add color or paint your hand (with adult permission) and press it on paper.  Create a full picture with background of something you created showing 1-4 handprints.  Family members may contribute their handprints too!  Have fun creating and e-mail me your finished product if you would like!  jaime.wizner@canyonsdistrict.org

April 27th - May 1st: Shadow Art

This week’s featured art project is SHADOW ART!  Take items outside and use the sun to create a shadow on a piece of paper.  Trace, color, and add a background.  Submit to share to Jaime.wizner@canyonsdistrict.org if you would like!  Happy creating!!

April 20th - 24th: Land Art

Land art is easy and fun and can be done by anyone. Basically, it involves making sculptures and art from things you might find in nature, such as pebbles, rocks, twigs, sand, pine cones, shells, seed heads, leaves. These things can be made into mandalas, spirals, shapes, animals, or patterns…. the possibilities are endless.

  • Learn about nature; explore its wonders, and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnection of creation and your place within it.
  • Get outside and away from technology for a while.
  • Exercise your creativity and imagination.

Have you heard of the Spiral Jetty artwork created by Robert Smithson?  It’s right here at the Salt Lake and people can even visit it and walk on it!  I have never been, but would love to go see this!  Create your own spiral jetty with supplies found in nature.  Notice that the jetty is counter-clockwise

You will need:

 -Your imagination

-Somewhere to explore: a park, the woods, or even your own backyard.

-A camera is nice, but not necessary.


1. Explore your chosen location.  Take a good look at all the different shapes, colors, and textures you see.

2. Collect materials to create your art.  Depending on your location these might include pebbles, small rocks, driftwood, leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks, flowers, and anything else you come across.

3. Find an interesting place to make your art.

4. Look at the materials that you have collected and organize them into groups of similar colors, shapes, or items.

5. Create some art.  Let your imagination run free.  Remember there are no rules in land art.

6. If you have a camera, take pictures to record your creation.


I like the look of these pebbles used to recreate a spiral like the jetty.

This one is clockwise, but I like the materials used and how the materials changed throughout the spiral.

Create something else besides a spiral using materials found in nature!

Or create a picture of YOU using nature supplies!

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