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Parent Newsletter 05/22/2020

May 22, 2020

Hello Families!

This is it! The last parent newsletter of the year! The school year is (almost) over!

See the plan for the last week of school below:

Calendar Items:

  • Monday May 25: Memorial Day – No school!
    • Tuesday, May 26: Egg Drop! (Info included in the Bella Vista Bag).  As families, do your own egg drop and share pictures, reports, info with your teachers.
    • Wednesday, May 27: Family Field Day o The PTA has prepared a handout of fun field day activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family
    • Thursday, May 28: School Slide Show – A slide show is being created; the link will be shared via email with all families.
    • May 29: Official Last Day of School – At 10:00, on the school’s website, the Bella Vista “Clap Out” tradition will continue! See teachers and staff “clap you out” of Bella Vista for the 2019-2020 school year.

What are the teachers doing the last week of school?

  • Cleaning/shutting down classrooms
  • Grading students’ Canvas submissions
  • Answering parent emails
  • Contacting students through Google Classroom or Google Meet
  • Finishing report cards
  • Working on the District Grading Professional Development on Canvas
  • Completing preparation work for required District technology Professional Development in July and August
  • Preparing for school to start in August

Bella Vista’s Year in Review

  • August:
    • Welcome back students!
    • School score prediction contest for the BYU/U of U Game: Winner: Mrs. Robinson’s 4th grade class!
  • September:
    • PTA Carnival!!!
    • Picture Day! Smile for the camera!
  • October:
    • Chess Club begins
    • Red Ribbon Week and Reflections Assembly
    • Halloween parade and Halloween walk on the stage
  • • November:
    • 5th Grade Play: “Tall Tales and Heroes”
  • December:
    • Glee Club Performances
    • Christmas sing-a-long
    • Tony the Tiger’s bowl of frosted flakes for every student
  • January:
    • House activities begin
  • February:
    • Career Day
    • Quilting Club begins
    • PTA Bingo Night!
  • March:
    • Read Across America Week
    • School closure begins March 16
  • April:
    • And the closure continues…..
    • Spring Recess!
    • On-line learning begins
  • May:
    • And it’s still continuing…
    • Bella Vista on Parade in school neighborhoods
    • Field trips and the 4th grade play cancelled 
    • Modified end-of-year activities including egg drop, field day, slide show, and “clap out”

For me, it’s been an eventful year professionally and personally. I have enjoyed my year at Bella Vista and have learned much about my leadership and skills while working with students and staff here.

I love, love, love the tigers at Bella Vista; they have filled my heart!

I also love, love, love the staff here as well; they are also in my heart!

Retiring from Bella Vista has been a wonderful way to end my career. Thank you for the love, support, and memories!

Always a tiger…..

Sandra/Ms. Houlihan

Parent Newsletter 04/24/2020

April 24, 2020

Hello Families!

Are you loving this warm spring weather? I sure am! There is nothing better than feeling the warm sun on your face. And, spring is such a wonderful time to walk and explore with new growth happening every day — a new “science” activity!

Here are some items for the week:

Calendar Items:

    • Monday, April 27 – End of school year: Library Book Return Plan o If your students have any checked out school library books, please return them to the school as soon as possible as we have to do library book inventory every spring
    • Starting Monday, a box will be set outside of the front doors of the school for book drop off. Books will be collected from the box each day
    • Thank you for not taking books out of the drop off box ☺
    • Friday, May 8, starting at 10:00: Bella Vista Tigers on Parade! The BV staff is coming to you!!! A parade route will be emailed showing the major areas of our school boundary. We cannot drive down every street, so we are asking that you identify areas on the route near your home and “watch the parade.”  Wear your Bella Vista t-shirts, hats, etc. to show off your Tiger Pride!
    • May 15 – Last Day of on-line learning o While learning will continue, May 15 will be the last day of on-line learning.  Teachers will still be in communication with you about other learning/review plans to finish out your students’ school year.
    • May 18 – 22: BVBCB What is BVBCB????? Bella Vista Bags and Chrome Books!  EVERY student will have a Bella Vista Bag to collect that will contain personal items left in desks, paper/pencil review and learning materials, and other school/end of the year items
        • All checked out Chrome Books need to be returned to the school
        • A schedule will be sent out for May 18 – 22 for BVBCB
    • May 29: Official Last Day of School – Stay tuned for a new approach to an old “last day of school” tradition.

Exciting Announcement!  Bella Vista’s new principal is Eric Gardner, currently an assistant principal at Mount Jordan Middle School. He will be a GREAT asset to the Bella Vista family. He will be available at the school starting July 1, 2020.

Until next week,

Sandra/Ms. Houlihan

Parent Newsletter 04/17/2020

April 17, 2020

Hello Families!

And the “soft closure” continues…..

Schools will continue to be “closed” until the beginning of next year, but learning is still “open!”

While our teachers are working their 8 hours a day preparing, correcting, communicating, etc., remember, your students should only be completing school work an average of 2 hours a day. Also, I’ve asked teachers to report to me regularly regarding class activity, specifically, who is online, who isn’t online, student progress, student needs, and so forth. Even though we may all be separated, we are still talking about, discussing, problem solving, and sharing information about your students and what they are learning and their on-line “attendance.” We all care about your students, even more now, since their learning environment is now in the home.

Again, thank you for helping your students with their online learning. We realize that learning at home is a challenge on many fronts, and that you are all dealing with your own issues caused by the Corona Virus. As I’ve stated before, we are a team, and we are here to help you and your students with learning…

Here are some items for the week:

  • Discussions have started about class placements for next year. While teacher requests are not being taken, we realize that your student may have a specific need that should be considered. Please email me directly with your comments by Monday, April 27th at
  • We will be utilizing school personnel to contact you regarding your student’s academic progress, so if a school employee, other than your teacher, contacts you, please respond.

We hope you will all enjoy the attached message from the school staff–please share it with your students. We love and miss our tigers….and their families!

Thank you so much!

Sandra/Ms. Houlihan

P.S . While I was hopeful to have many years at Bella Vista Elementary, home of the Tigers, I have some pressing family issues that are taking priority in my life; therefore, I will be retiring at the end of this school year after 32 years in education.

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