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Principal's Message 9/8/2017

B-E-L-L-A V-I-S-T-A spells Bella Vista, hooray! Maybe a little cheesy to start the letter, but we are off and running! The start of the year has been a great one. I wish I could take everything I have seen and know and share it with all of you. Trust me when I say it is awesome to see how much work the teachers and staff have put in to get the year rolling! I’m so happy to work with them all. We have a lot of fun things coming up that I would like to share with all of you!

Today you will receive a paper copy of a letter to you about our Bella Vista Peer Cheerphoto activity that students can participate in. We encourage you to let your child participate if they’d like to! This is the first of many activities throughout the year that we will focus on to encourage us to celebrate each other.

The Bella Vista family carnival is coming up this Tuesday, September 12th. The carnival will start at 5:30. All students of Bella Vista can participate for free. If any other siblings or friends come that are not students, they will have to pay a small fee to join in the activities. The PTA has sponsored and run this carnival. They do such a great job. They will also have a tent where you can join the organization to help support Bella Vista Elementary.

Our next School Community Council meeting is on September 20th at 3:30. We are still looking for one more member for the council. If you are interested, please contact the office.

The fall parent teacher conferences are coming up on September 27th and 28th. The online scheduler is available for parents to sign up for time slots starting September 8thto the 21st. We want 100% attendance. It is very important for parents and the school to work together in preparing our students for the future.

In conjunction with parent teacher conferences, the school book fair will also be available the 26th – 28th of this month. On September 26th there will be a books and bagels kick off before school starting at 8:00 am. Students with their parents can come in for a free bagel and be the first to stop by the book fair. All earnings from this book fair will go toward our first ever Bella Vista Book Club and Battle of the Books! More information will be coming on the book fair and those opportunities.

There will be no school on Friday, September 22nd. Teachers will be preparing for conferences on that day.

Principal's Message 8/28/2017

We hope your students have had a wonderful beginning to the school year. We have pushed our theme for the year: “The Year of Cheer!” Friday, we had several members of the University of Utah’s cheer squad with us at an assembly to help us cheer and learn about the importance of supporting one another. 
Utah Cheerleaders

These newsletters are to make you aware of important events and informational items regarding the school. Here is a list of important dates to keep in mind over the next month! 

August 28th: Start of Kindergarten and Preschool 
August 30th: School Community Council Meeting @ 3:30 
September 4th: Labor Day – No School 
September 12th: Family Fun Night – Bella Vista Carnival! 
September 22nd: No Student work day – No School for students 
September 27th-28th: Parent Teacher Conferences 

We are very excited for this school year. I will have many more letters coming, especially at the beginning of the year. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! We look forward to a great year! 

Other important information 

New Rules at Bella Vista: We have some changes to some rules in our school handbook. We’ve reviewed them with our students and want to make parents aware as well! Anything in bold has been rewritten for this year. You will find the changed rules below: 

Students shall dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and is befitting the day’s activities. Students’ clothing and jewelry must not present a health or safety hazard, distraction or disruption. Disruption is defined as reactions by other individuals to the clothing or adornment which causes the teacher or administrator to lose the attention of the students, modify or cease instructional activities or to deal with student confrontations or complaints. 

1. Personal items such as but not limited to clothing, jewelry, backpacks, gym bags, water bottles, etc., shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignias which are crude, vulgar, profane, violent or sexually aggressive. 

2. Items which bear advertising, promotions or likeness of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs shall not be allowed. 

3. Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, immodest. All clothing must reach at least approximately four inches from the knee. Clothing should cover the midriff, underwear, and backs at all times. All tops should have a strap of approximately three inches in width. 

4. Hats of any kind are not allowed to be worn within the classroom or building unless as a part of an approved activity. 

5. Gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia shall not be allowed in schools or activities. School officials will determine what constitutes ‘gang’ clothing, colors and paraphernalia after consultation with law enforcement agencies as needed. 

6. Shoes should be appropriate for the days’ activities. Flip flops will not be allowed. 

No toys or items to play with are allowed from home. Students should not bring toys, figurines, cards of any game, sports equipment, playground equipment, stuffed animals, etc. If an individual classroom makes an exception for a special day, all items should remain stowed away until they are used within the classroom only. While we do understand, students like to bring their own sports equipment from home, the school will provide items for the playground. Even those items can become a distraction and in some cases a problem.

Looking forward to a great Year of Cheer!!!

-Cory Anderson, Principal