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August 29, 2022 – Minutes

Members in Attendance:  Jessica VanWagoner, Kim Steenblik, Julie Jackson, Tracy Keck, Julie Jackson, Tanya Patino, Eric Gardner, Colleen Winterton (secretary)

New members:  Sonia Klonosky, Emily Lamuyon, Trisha Jensen



     Chair – Tracy Keck nominated Jessica Van Wagoner to be the Chair again.  Eric Gardner seconded the motion.  All in favor.

     Vice Chair – Sonia Klonosky nominated herself for the Vice Chair.  Tracy Keck seconded the motion.  All in favor.

     Secretary – Eric Gardner nominated Colleen Winterton for the secretary.  Julie Jackson seconded the motion.  All in favor.

SCC Training Meetings:

     Jessica Van Wagnoner reviewed schedule of upcoming SCC training meetings

Mr. Gardner reviewed the school goals for the 22-23 school year

  •      80% typical or better progress in Math
  •      75% typical or better progress in Reading
  •      66 % of students will be on track + yellow for attendance

      *      The 21-22 testing shows that Bella Vista students made great progress!

Discussed behaviors, school PBIS plan, and emphasis on attendance this year.

Incentive Updates:

     September academic/attendance incentive (75% attendance)

Cell Tower:

     Would like to purpose the SCC approve funds for the 22/23 school year for the following:

  •        Monthly teacher breakfast
  •        Meals (PTC, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.)
  •        Teacher birthdays
  •        Teacher appreciation week activites/gifts
  •        Monthly teachers attendance incentives
  •        Generation Genius
  •        Miscellaneous

     All members of the SCC approved this.

Safety Update

     Brighton Feeder  Parents Safety Night on September 7 at 6:00pm.  It will be held at Butler Middle School.  

     Parents are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time that they  would like to have addressed that evening.

      New safety practices at Bella Vista include:

  • permanently sealing off the outside bathroom door entrance into the school
  • locking the 5th grade door for breakfast and having students come through the main office
  • all employees must wear ID badges
  • we will be getting 10 new cameras in the school sometime this year

Emergency Drills

  •      August – Fire
  •      September – Lock Down (Run, Hide, Fight)
  •      October – Shelter in Place
  •      November – Bomb Threat
  •      December – Hold
  •      January – Fire
  •      February – Hazardous Materials
  •      Carbon Monoxide
  •      April – Earthquake
  •      May – Public Health Emergency  (information for employees only)

Faculty Update: 

      Mrs. Patino  talked about the new ELA curriculum, dream Box and Lexia programs

Meeting Schedule for Year:

     November 7, January 9, March 27, May 1 (if needed)

Approval of Minutes:

     Jessica Van Wagoner made a motion to approve the minutes.  Tanya Patino seconded the motion.  All in favor.

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