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December 14, 2020 – Minutes

Bella Vista SCC  12-14-2020

  1. Welcome – Jessica Van Wagoner
  2. Review/approval of the minutes – Jessica Van Wagoner
  3. Review discipline + academic data – Mr. Eric Gardner
    1. Discipline
  • Good news, referrals per school day: The referrals are declining. November and December shown good improvement.
  • Days of the week: Tuesday is our best day of the week.
  1. Academic data
  • “Students making typical growth” improved in October and November.
  • “% students making benchmark or above” improved in October and November.
  1. School plans
    1. Land Trust $32, 766
      1. As of December 1, still $29,390 (only 10.3% of budget spent so far)
      2. Proposed to make an amendment and buy $15,000 in Chromebook
        1. We need to replace the iPads in kindergarten because they are becoming obsolete.
        2. We also need to replace the oldest Chromebooks in classrooms with new ones.
        3. We want to provide Chromebooks for online instruction and quarantine situations.
      3. TSSP $30,405
        1. As of December 1, still $27,837 (only 8.44% of budget spent so far)
        2. Proposed to make an amendment:
          1. Student achievement incentives- $5,000
          2. PBIS Room- $3,000 (We take an empty classroom and put Nintendo, bean bag chairs etc. where students could spend time for a reward.)
          3. Morning meeting books- $1,000 (already approved by SCC last year)
          4. After school tutoring for targeted groups-$10,500
            1. Snow day procedures
              1. The school board approved new snow day procedures. Snow days will be virtual days this year.
              2. Elementary student can do printed packets or Canvas.
            2. COVID Updates
              1. 4-day school week will last till end of year.
              2. Bella Vista continues to be awesome! Our protocols are in place.
            3. Faculty report-Tanya Patino
              1. The staff seems happy overall.
              2. The biggest issue the staff has is using Canvas.
              3. The kids manage to keep their masks on.
              4. Parents need to respond to teachers when teachers ask for responses.
            4. Other
              1. Could Bella Vista look into enrichment activities for the kids who are at Benchmark or above Benchmark?

            (Note from principal: Some of the after-school activities have been cancelled due to COVID.)

            1. We focus on helping the kids who struggle.
            2. From teacher: The kids who score high in the beginning tend to not increase their scores as much throughout the year.


            Next meeting = February 8, 2021


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