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February 2, 2021 – Minutes

Bella Vista SCC  2-2-2021

 1. Welcome – Jessica Van Wagoner

 2.  Review discipline + academic data

    1. Good news: Discipline trending downward this month.
    2. Kids in class do better; most discipline problems are on the playground.

 3.  School Safety plan + Safe Routes

    1. We are working on adding additional parking to back of the building.                                   – Forty-two families are doing online learning which helps with parking for now.
    2. Getting new basketball hoops                                                                                                       -We will take out the basketball hoops for the additional parking and build a fence.  We will keep the playground as well.
    3. We kept the proposal for hawk lights on the cross walk across Ft. Union.
  1. Safety drill for February is Shelter in Place
    1. Teachers lock the doors and continue to teach.

  5.   School plans

    1. Landtrust update = Initially we planned to spend $15,000 on Chrome books.        The school district will now provide technology:
  •        9th graders receive new Chrome books for high school
  •        Middle schoolers receive Chrome books for 6th grade-8th
  •        Each teacher receives a device for each student.

              (iPads for younger grades/Chrome books for older grades)

               We could purchase some iPads and chromebooks now and save the remaing fund until we have more information.

            B.  TSSP update= We have started purchasing equipment for the room

                  The majority of kids earned the Bella Vista beanie.

  6.  Tutoring update

              A.  With the extra funds, we want to purchase a ‘book’ vending machine.

  7.  Faculty Report

             A.  Reading tutoring aftter school will start

             B.  Enrichment activities afteer school will start

             C.  Testting with the beane incentive = postive results

             D.  An interventions being interviewed now.

  8.  Review/approval of the minutes

Kim Steenblik = motion to approve minutes        Jessica Van Wagoner = second

  9.  Next Meeting:  Monday, March 22


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