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January 24, 2022 – Minutes

1. Welcome – Thanks to everyone for coming (Kim, Tracy, Julie, Jessica, Mrs. Patino, Principal Gardner)

2. Second Step is no longer in use in Canyons District and has been deleted from curriculum.

  a. Teachers are using morning meeting to support/develop emotional awareness.

3.  Land Trust

  a.  40% of dollars have been spent on increasing our 17 hours employees to 28 hour employees

4.  TSSA

  a.  30% of dollars have been spent on the following:  Spanish speaking aide, monthly incentive programs, “Donors Choose” Program for teachers – teachers who applied got their wish-list of supplies for projects

  b.  We may have additional money to use by the end of the quarter

  c.  The idea is to use it toward the monthly behavior incentives

5.  Behavior Incentives
  a.  It was important to set a realistic goal that kids could achieve
  b.  January Incentive – Classic Skating from 9am – 11:30am on February 9th
  c.  February Incentive – Possibilty of ‘Book It’ Pizza Hut pizza for reading minutes
  d.  This will work towards the goal of improving reading scores at Bella Vista
6.  Behavior Issue/Trends
  a.  More behavior office referrals this year than last year
  b.  Possible reasons for the increase; better reporting, some classes are larger
  c.  Largest issue this year is related to the classroom vs. playground last year
 d.  Behavior Assistants are supporting 20 30 students of the 241 students  at school
7.  School Safety
  a.  No changes.  Walking routes stay the same
  b.  Drop off lane has improved with teachers parking in back parking lot – less congestion
  c.  Some cars are dropping off in the bus lane and walking between buses – problematic
  d.  Implemented a safety patrol student near the cones to guide walking and Mr. Gardner is looking into putting up a chain with cones to encourage safety in that parking lot
8.  Digital Citizenship
  a.  Mrs. Caldwell sends monthly information
  b.  Celebrated Digital Citinzenship week and will continue to visit once a month
9.  COVID-19 Updates
  a.  Younger classes are getting packets for remote learning
  b.  Canvas is better for upper grades
10. Attendance
  a.  School attendance is always important, however, due to Covid-19, the message is “don’t bring your child to school if they are sick”
11.  Moved ABS classes to allow for 4th and 5th grades to be in the same hallway
12.  Minutes approved



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