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January 8, 2024 – Minutes


Attendance:  Juliana Jackson, Trisha Jensen, Tracy Keck, Charlotte Klonosky, Korina Caldwell, Tanya Patino, Angi Holden, Colleen Winterton (secretary)





  1. Land Trust & TSSA Plan 2023-2024 – Reviewed the budgets.  Right on track with spending.


  1. USBE School Accountability Report – Scores come out for achievement and progress.  Our school was not concern.  Language Ars, Math, Science are all doing good on growth, especially math & science. Our ML progress was the best in the district.


  1. Safety Plan & Drill Report – Recently did key inventory for continued safety.  Asking for card reader on main office and faculty room.  Will be receiving additional safety cameras.  Will be getting pet signs for the grounds. 


  1. Teacher Morale – Use cell tower monies for teacher morale.  Will be doing “Fun Fridays” until Spring Break.


  1. School Goals for 2024-25 – Focus on STEAM.  STEAM Fridays are a success. PTA received a grant.  It will be used for a community STEM night.  Will send class projects to parents as FYI. 


  1. Ms. Patino:  Faculty Update – Want to add STEAM classes as brain booster for next year. Talked about impact of having only one teacher per grade.  Want to have two teachers per grade.


  1.  Input from Community – Concerned about impact of having only one teacher per grade. Want a change for next year. Talked about Brain Boosters for next year.



 Approval of Minutes


Adjourn until next meeting on March 18, 2024 at 4:30pm

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