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January 9, 2023 – Minutes

Members in Attendance:  Jessica Van Wagoner, Trisha Jensen, Emily LaMunyan, Tracy Keck, Tanya Patino, Eric Gardner, Colleen Winterton (secretary)


Incentives+Data Update:

Attendance – Goal was 66% – 1st trimester was 71%; 2nd trimester (so far) is sitting at 76%.  The school has put much effort into helping bring attendance with positive motivators, ie. weekly trophy, cafeteria seating, ice cream                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Academic – Mr. Gardner showed reading progress.  We are at 71% of typical progress.  our school goal is 75%.  Happy with growth.  Will continue to work on it.

For math our goal is 80% typical progress.  We have already reached it.  We will  try to maintain it and continue to grow.

We also have a monthly incentive for student academic goals, ie. candy bars, Classic Skating, Reading Gala.

Teacher Moral:

We will be doing something fun on a weekly basis for the teachers between now and spring break to help morale.

Spring Goals for 2023-24:

Mr. Gardner asked the committee to think about upcoming goals.  Email him with ideas before our next meeting.

Faculty Update- Ms. Patino:

Nothing new to report.


Next meeting will be on March 27th @ 4:00pm.

Approval of Minutes:

Jessica VanWagoner made a motion to approve the minutes.  Tanya Patino seconded the motion.  Minutes are approved.

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