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March 21, 2022 – Minutes

Welcome – Jessica Van Wagoner


a.  Offenses have increased in 2022

b.  A behavioral specialist provided training for teachers in a recent meeting..

c.  One student has a large chunk of the offenses.

Academic Data

a.  Math = good growth since COVID

b.  Language Arts = a little concerning, we fell a percent.  The kids that didn’t go to kindergarten or first grade for the second half of the year (2020) are still catching up.  Also, the Omicron variant increased absences.

Incentive Updates

a.  March Reading Gala (March 24) – Most of the school participated.

b.  April Attendance Incentive – hats

Emergency Drills

a.  March – Hazardous Materials

b.  April – Earthquake

c.  May – Public Health Emergency (information for employees only)

Review final School Plans for approval

a.  Math Goals

  •     80 percent of student to make better progress in Math as measured by expected growth towards benchmark.
  • Change from iReady to Dreambox (additional cost)
  • Hire three aides (including Spanish speaking)
  • Teacher iPads

b.  Reading Goals:

  • 75 percent of students will make typical or better progress in Reading as measured by Acadience Reading Pathways of Progress.
  • New ELA curriculum (No more “Reading Street”)  Great for teachers to help teach various levels
  • New library books (the school’s library has old books)
  • General supplies

c.  Attendance Goals:

  • 66 percent of Bella Vista students will be on-track + yellow for attendance as measured by the EWS in Data Dashboard.
  • Incentives = The class with the best attendance sits in the “VIP lounge.:  Kids with perfect attendance get rewarded.


Faculty Update – Ms. Patino

a.  Attendance is the main frustration.

b.  Teachers are working really hard.

c.  Teachers care a great deal about the students’ scores.


a.  The district wants to move to “late start” or “early out” across the board.

Option 1: Early out day (like it is at Bella Vista) – Our SCC favors this option

Option 2: Late start day (like the Middle School)

Which day?  Friday or other day? – Our SCC favors the Friday option.

Approval of minutes – First + Jessica Van Wagoner and Second = Tracy Keck


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