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March 22, 2021 – Minutes

SCC  3-22-2021

  1. Welcome – Jessica Van Wagoner
    1. Present: Principal Gardner, Ms. Patino, Jessica Van Wagoner, Heather Armstrong and Bridget
  2. Review discipline + academic data
    1. Discipline is good overall
    2. More aggression on the playground, Wednesdays/afternoons are the worst
  3. Digital Citizenship Plan
    1. Librarian, Ms. Caldwell. and Mr. Porter are working together
    2. Principal can run a report with key words in Google search: Ex 1: “Hot, Women, Bikini’s” will be flagged.

          Ex 2: “How do I kill myself” phrase will be flagged to give services to the family

  1. Cell Tower Money
    1. Teacher Appreciation (1 to 2 days, the PTA will take the rest)
    2. Replace sign in front of the building
    3. Student drawings for end of year (a bigger drawing to reward kids at the end of the year.)
  2. School Plans
    1. Math goal = 80% (we are at about 72%)

$32,400 for math (2 aides (same as this year), and $15,000 on technology, $800 for teacher edition books, $3,000 to math web subscriptions)

  1. Reading goal = same as math goal ($7,000 in student incentives, $13,000 for a behavior aide, $3,000 supplies for classroom stores, $2,000 book vending machine)
  2. School Climate goal: ($1,000 books, $2,400 PBIS rewards subscriptions, $2,000 supplies to implement PBIS rewards in classes—digital instead of paper)




  1. Land Trust carry over decision:

The district has purchased Chrome books and iPads for Bella Vista Elementary School.

  1. We can write an Amendment to roll over what funds we have left this year. ($13,000 to hire another interventionist) This is a one-time roll over because of COVID.
  1. Approval: School plan needs to be signed at the school at the front office.
  1. Faculty report
  • “Principal Gardner Goals” are emphasized in the classrooms.
  • Ice cream and beanies were great incentives.
  • Academic Goals: 40 working minutes and lessons and units
  • Fridays: Teachers are happy to have remote Fridays.


  1. Other

Tentative meeting May 10, 2021


  1. Review/approval of the minutes
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