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March 24, 2020 – Minutes

Bella Vista Elementary
School Community Council
March 24, 2020

Meeting was held virtually because of school closure due to COVID-19 pandemic

Members in Attendance

  • Kim Steenblik
  • Becky Parkin
  • Jessica Van Wagner
  • Alicia Swift
  • Wendie Nielson
  • Sandra Dahl-Houlihan

Guests in Attendance

  • Rachel Ostvig – Achievement Coach
  • Colleen Winterton – Secretary

1. Welcome

2. Review/Approval of minutes

3. Discussions

  • Sandra asked for feedback about online learning. Council members have been happy with the teachers efforts. They appreciate the content as well as the personal videos, etc.
  • Discussed the idea of having a faculty “Drive By & Greet” on April 14. Available school facility would practice social distancing and stand on parking curb in front of school during specified time to wave and encourage students during a drive by. Council thought this would be encouraging to students to see their teachers and staff.
  • Check out the school website. It is updated and awesome!

4. Plans/Budget for 2020-2021

  • Land Trust  
  • TSSP & TSSI (Targeted School and School Improvement)

    Sandra shared the attached plan with the council and together with Rachel Ostvig they talked about our school goals for next year and helped break down how the budget will be used. We plan to have 2 interventions, 1 kindergarten aid, and 2 behavior specialists.

    Sandra and Rachel also talked about the behavioral component. A goal moving forward is to have every teacher hold a morning meeting with their class. There is a social/emotional curriculum created that will be implemented.

  • Cell Tower money usage – approval
    • The school would like to purchase and educational program for student intervention. Cost is $1200

    • $1500 will be allocated to principal for faculty needs.

Kim Steenblik purposed to approve the Land Trust/TSSP budget for next as well as the cell tower purchase as has been presented without any adjustments. Becky Parkin seconded it. All in favor.

5. Emergency Drills – No longer applicable

6. Elections for 2020-2021 – Put on hold

7. Review of minutes and electronic signature of Land Trust/TSSP document from SCC council.

8. See you next time!

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