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November 7, 2022 – Minutes

  1.  Welcome /Review of Agena- Jessica VanWagoner
  2. Incentives + Data Update – Mr. Gardner


          Attendance:  Beginning of year but has been declining.  The data shows this. Here are some ways we are trying to improve attendance:

  •      Traveling trophy for best class atendance on weekly basis
  •      VIP sitting area in lunch room each day for classes with good attendance
  •      Bulletin board up front to show students with good attendance.


        School Rules:  During the month of October students earned the opportunity to go Hee Haw Farms for a field trip based on school rules.  Students loved it!

     School Grade:  (3-5) Score: B

  •      Achievement:  Commendable
  •      Growth:  Exemplary
  •      EL Progress:  Adequate School comparability to other schools (2022) – significant growth in Science, ELA, and Math.  Percent proficient, Bella Vista beat every school in the comparison.


     3.  Digital Citizenship Report/School Safety Plan

     Digital Citizenship:

  •     Staff will be trained in Digital Citizenship this month
  •     Students received training through brain booster classes
  •     Community Education:  flyers available at Parent Teacher Conferences and Parent Square
  •     District does a good job tracking onlines ussues, filtering, blocking unwanted websites, and alerting the Principal with any problems


     School Safety Plan – (2022-23)

     Bella Vista Emergency Procedures

  •      Incident Command List – who reports to who
  •      Assembly Points – inside, outside, church parking lot, Whitmore Library
  •      Family Reunification Outline
  •      School Visitor Procedures


     Canyons School District website:  School Safety Report (why we do drill, what they are, drill calendars, safety videos, etc.)


     SCC has has determined the #1 safety concern at our school is to install hawk lights on Ft. Union now tht they have been approved by Cottonwood Heights.

     Additonal items of concern:  painting striping in front of the stop signs in front of the school, adding sidewalks on Towncrest Drives; gates that have a sign about entering school grounds during school hours, adding an extra SRO

      Ms. Patino:  Faculty Update – nothing new

     Other – Mr. Gardner wants Bella Vista to feel like this is the best palce to work.  He provides monthly facutly breakfast, gifts, etc. to let teachers know how much they are appreciated.  Teacher “likes” are available online for parents to see so they what their favorite things are

     Approval of Minutes

     Motion to approve minutes – Jessica Van Wagoner; Seconded by Kim Steenblik.  Meeting adjourned.

       In attendance:  Tracy Keck, Kim Steenblik, Sonia Klonoski, Emily Lamunyon, Juliana Jackson, Jessica Van Wagoner, Tanya Patino, Eric Gardner



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