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September 5, 2023 – Minutes

Attending:  Jessica VanWagoner, Juliana Jackson, Tricia Jensen, Tracy Keck, Kim Steenblik, Korina Cadlwell, Tanya Patino, Angi Holden

Excused, Emily Lamunyon, Colleen Winterton

Welcome & Introductions

Nominate New Members/Positions:

  • A motion to nominate Korina Jagiello-Caldwell as a new member. A unanimous positive vote by all SCC members.
  • All SCC members have agreed to continue their service on SCC:
    •           Jessica Van Wagoner – Chair
                Sonia Klonosky – Parent
                Juliana Jackson – Parent
                Tricia Jensen – Parent
                Tracy Keck – Parent
                Emily La Munyon – Parent
                Kim Steenblik – Parent
                Korina Jagiello – Caldwell – Parent
                Tanya Patino – Teacher
                Angi Holden – Principal
                Colleen Winterton – Secretary
  • Revised SCC Meetings Date
    • Posted on Bella Vista Website
    • Meet at 4:30pm
  • Reviewed Rules of Order and practice for SCC
  • Reviewed SCC bylaws
    • No changes recommended
  • SCC Training Dates Reviewed
    • SCC members will attend CSD SCC training in Septmeber.Copy of Dates distributed to each SCC member
  • Next meeting:  October 9, 2023@4:30pm
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