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Principal's Message 12/7/2018

From the desk of Mr. Anderson

Dear Parents of Bella Vista Elementary School, 

Happy Holidays! I love this time of year. Every weekend I have dinner with different members of my family. We play Bingo and do Christmas crafts. It is great family time! At school we also try to keep the holiday spirit in conjunction with learning as well. All of our students created Christmas cards that are being sent to the Veterans Hospital. The Glee Club has a Christmas performance coming up and Sparkle the Elf shows up in different places every morning.  Our 3rd graders even decorated the tree at the local bank and sang carols to kick off the month. 

Our PTA has created an online ordering opportunity for Bella Vista apparel. You can purchase adult size shirts, long sleeves and hoodies! You can check it out at 

It will be delivered the week after the holiday break. Act fast because the window closes on December 16th!  Speaking of the Glee Club, they have a parent performance on Tuesday, December 18th at 6:30.  This is for all friends and family. They will follow that up with a school performance the next morning that includes sing-alongs for all of the students. We encourage family and friends to come specifically to the evening performance. 

The 5th Grade Play is coming up on Friday, December 14th at 9:30 in the morning. They will do a dress rehearsal the previous morning for the school! We invite all friends and family to the Friday performance. They will be performing Adventures of Lewis and Clark!  

Our last day of school before the holiday break is Wednesday, December 19th. Student will release at their regular time. Have a wonderful holiday break! We will see you again next year on Wednesday, January 2nd.